The Story of a Botanist Automate

Any is a plant care and environmental control automate. Following along Any's path will take you to a journey of sensors and water flows.

Any started on a single plant, monitoring external temperature and soil humidity, indicating through light its current state; hydrated or not.

But now, Any can feed the plant on its own ...

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Any's documentation consist in all the basic, but necessary, knowledge needed to automate a greenhouse. From environmental control, the greenhouse itself, to plants care, the system to monitor and feed plants.

If you are completely new to electronics or programming, you should have a go at the Introduction to Electronics and Programming on the Arduino. Completing the projects shall then take about 8 to 10 hours.

Otherwise, it might take less than 4 hours, or more if you have more imagination.

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This project is created and conceived in collaboration with Montessori. It is intended for anyone willing to get into botany or already having a greenhouse and willing to automate parts of it while learning about electronics, robotics and programming.

The project has been developed an tested already, documentation files are coming here, hopefully a few videos as well :)

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Downloads: Any V1.0.pdf

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Any V1.0
Any V1.0

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