Welcome to Robotics101

Here, we create mostly from Arduinos, sometimes a raspberry pie.

Then, we build prototypes and even working machines, out of many other things. So many that it would be hard to list them all here.

The documentation found here is a good start for someone who is willing to build robots or get into IoT.

Here is everything you will discover in the documentation:

  1. An Introduction to Arduino UNO and the Arduino IDE
  2. The required electronics basics: electricity basics, safety Information, electronics components, and a first circuit, well actually two
  3. Programming Basic Concepts as well as code samples
  4. Hands on IoT cases (11 if I remember well)

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What you need to be able to complete this guide and the examples provided is:

  • an Arduino (UNO or Nano or else), as well as,
  • a local installation of the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The Arduino IDE is simply a program to install on your computer in order to be able to write and load code to the Arduino. (Shown in the below screenshot)

We will need a bunch of electronics components, such as:

  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • Various Resistors
  • [...]
  • Motors

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Downloads: Robotics101.pdf

Stories & Projects:


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