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Ants are cool!

You are standing in a forest, surrounded by gigantic trees. In front of you stands a hill, seemingly quiet.

If you do have 5 minutes, Explore the forest
If you don't have 5 minutes, Enter the hill

On the forest floor, you smell various trees

Trees emerge from the ground and up to the sky. Some of them are wide and tall while others are short and thick.

Some of them are so big, that you cannot even see their crown.

You hear leaves rustling in the breeze.

Some trees shows colorful flowers and fruits harnessed by bees. While others have ants crawling up and down their trunk.

There are a few trees right next to you and there is a path that goes among the trees. Trees in a further distance look smaller, maybe they would be easier to climb.

On the path among the trees, you see sun rays beaming through the branches.

And on your way, you meet a beetle, that tries insatiably to roll what appears to be a large and heavy boulder.

At the edge of the forest, you feel the sun light on your skin.

An open area that spreads as far as the horizon widen itself in front of you.

In that open field, you see flowers, with bright and beautiful colors, that lure bees into their heart. In the horizons, mountains seem to hold the sky.

You wonder, how vast is the openness, how far is the horizon and how tall are the mountains.

In front of the hill.

The hill is a fairly simple pile of fine soil and sand (or clay) with pine needles here and there.The entrance is sustained by tiny sticks, mixed with dirt.

A the front entrance, leaning on a rock, stands a sleepy ant, that doesn’t seem to bothered by your presence.

Enter the hill

Welcome to the hill

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